Hello guys!
Thrilled to see you here :)

Soooo uhm.. well, lets quickly introduce myself.
I - Bobby - am pretty much ordinary people. Living a life and studying process engineering in Germany, doing internet things, having fun with coding, making photographs, doing a bit sports like batminton aaand hugely enjoying music. Preferably metalcore. Also neo-classical music. Yeap. So, you're getting my personality right?

Ohhh and don't forget that science part. I'm a huge fan of physics! Thinking of void bubbles, MBHs, tachyons and stuff like that always relieves me after having a difficult time.
Gaming? Uhh well not really.. I mean I like Overwatch and the Final Fantasy franchise but not really going hard on it.

Photoshop Tutorials

New on this page: Bob's Quick Photoshop Tutorials

I'm using Photoshop for some years now and thought why not share some of my techniqes I'm using to create my enormously stunning photographs? Well here it is now. Hope you guys enjoy it and somewhat get what I'm showing. Maybe you even find something useful :O


I'm often thinking weird, having a great idea or just found a funny thing on the internet or maybe even in real life.
Since I guess you are here because of your interest in such things, I recommend you to check out my blog. I hope to have more time in near future so I can update it more frequently.

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Tech Stuff

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I'm collecting usefull tools, command lines, code snippets and other files that will probably save your life one day.

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