About this

TheCodingBobby is pretty much a weekend project that popped into my mind. On this site, I'm basically trying to link together all my major interests.
Due to the relatively short time I've spent working on it, yet please don't expect it to be greatly developed or to have a lot of content.

I hope you enjoy browsing on my little web presence!


  • Bobby [bby]

    The guy behind this website. He is a very enthusiastic person when it comes to science, maths, coding or photography. He also likes metalcore.

  • Pizzayaki [pzk]

    A cool dude, student of computer science in asia. It's a mystery if he loves pizza or what else it's doing in his name.

  • Tidanium [tdn]

    He got internet. Try get on his level.

  • Bumbleboss [ble]

    Designer inspired mostly by anime characters. Not an entirely bad thing actually.


  • Gaia [001]

    In this picture, you can see an ancient sculpture of the Greek god Gaia along with her children Zeus and Cronus.

  • Anti clockwise square spiral [002]

    This shows an anti clockwise square spiral with the natural numbers 1 to 49 in it.