Music Genres

  • Metalcore

    ... is a sub-genre of heavy metal. Metalcore fuses together contrasty elements from various genres reaching from hardcore punk over thrash metal to electronic music which makes it very diverse and interesting to discover.

    Sub-genres of metalcore are electronicore, deathcore or melodic metalcore.

Great Artists

  • Annisokay

    ... formed 2007 in Halle, Germany is a post hardcore and alternative rock band.

  • Scarlett O'Hara

    ... is a metalcore and electronicore band from McAllen in Texas, formed in 2007.

    In 2007 they released their first EP "Call It Reckless" which had six songs on it. Their full length album "Lost In Existence", released in 2010 quickly gained popularity. In 2015 the single "Lit" was meant to be released but it flopped right away so the only source left where you can listen to this song is the unlisted youtube video. Most recently, in August 2017, the two singles "Locked From Within" and "Welcome Back To The Brodeo (Step Right Up)" got released.

  • Villain Of The Story

    ... is a metalcore band from Minneapolis in Minnesota, formed in 2013.

    By now they released a total of 12 singles, three of which most recently in 2018. Besides them the EP "The Prologue" and the full length album "Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns" got released in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Amazing Songs

  • Innocence Was Here

    ... by Annisokay

    The song was released along with eleven other songs on the album "Arms" by the label Arising Empire in 2018.

  • Let There Be Night

    ... by Powerwolf

    The heavy metal song was first released on the album "Blessed & Possessed" by Napalm Records in 2015.

    Attila Dorn — the vocalist of the band — is known for singing lyrics partly in latin (e.g. "Lupus Dei" in the same named album from 2007). In "Let There Be Night" the chants are sung in a different language tho. Most sources say its Hebrew but if you compare it with it's corresponding verses in the Bible (Genesis 1:3) you're not finding any similarities with the sound of the vocals. Speaking of that, the actual lyrics for those strophes aren't written anywhere. Metal enthusiasts and fans of Powerwolf know the language as "Attilaian" which he made up by himself and most likely cannot be understood by any other person.

    Most recently in 2018, an official cover of the song was published on the second CD of the limited deluxe edititon of the album "The Sacrament Of Sin". In this cover by Kissin' Dynamite all lyrics are in English language. You could expect the verses to be a more or less 1:1 translation of the Attilaian lyrics as the line count and length match pretty good. Unfortunately those aren't written anywhere as well.

    So I've done some research and repeated listening to come up with some usable lyrics. You can find the original Attilaian and the cover's translation side by side here.

  • Eat Your Heart Out

    ... by Outline In Color

    The song was released by the label Standby Records on the full lenght album "Struggle" in March 2016.

    A beautiful metalcore song starting with a convo record intro of a man having issues with his girlfirend which only wanted to help him. The arguement escalates quickly and you hear the sound of shattering dishes.

    To blend over to the actual song the lyrics start with screamed vocals in the first verse.