I'm Kinda Back


Written by Bobby.

Good evening internet. Oh man it's been a while... Sorry for letting you wait so long. To keep you informed, my exams went pretty good and I did not fail any. This next semester is more project heavy where I have to write tons pages for technical reports. Gonna be fun guys. Well actually not that bad and a surely brings some valuable variety. But heck it's work!

I also started another few new coding projects which is not what I planned on doing. Pretty much none of my previously initiated ideas are nowhere near finished and I'm feeling bad for having it look like I'm giving up on them. But I'm not! I can't have enough projects running parallel! Seriously, it's hard to keep track of all of them and stay unconfused about which snippet of code belongs to what. But let's face it and put in pure coffee energy to cope with it. I'll let you know it anything is worth checking out.

I guess thats all for today already. Have an amazing week and see you next time!


Examination Phases are Creepy


Written by Bobby.

Good day people. Do you know that moment when everyone is building up distance to each other and you are left alone with stress and fatigue? If not, its called the examination phase. Every couple months you get in trouble and have to stay up the whole night to keep up with your internal screaming. You basically spent weeks over weeks listening to lectures, researching interesting stuffs, running amazing projects and suddenly everything you thought you achieved is gone. You don't feel so good as if Thanos snipped the heck out of his glove.

Its been a week now since the lectures stopped and the learning process is going very sluggishly. Its not like I've done nothing, I already got some neat formularies and practised a lot of exercises but I don't feel any prepared. Maybe it means that I'm bored of the tasks and I can solve the exam problems in notime, who knows... Most likely not though. I still got another week to prepare, so no worries I guess. Its seven exams this semester, lets hope I'm not ending up procastinating any this time.

Thats all for now. Sorry for the relativeley short post, but I've got a lot of stuff to do. I'll be writing more next time. If you are also in exam-trouble or something similar, feel yourself hugged. Good luck guys and have a good day!


Ulam Spirals


Written by Bobby.

Hey guys! First of all I wish you a happy new year and that a lot of your wishes will come true this year.

Most recently I stumbled accross something named the Borsuk-Ulam theorem when researching a bit about spheres and their relations to Euclidean spaces. What I often like to do, is finding out more about the involved people and little, maybe funny stories about them to get an idea about what was going on in their minds back then. This was one of them.

One day between 1927 and 1932 during lecture a guy named Stanislaw Marcin Ulam was hugely bored and started writing numbers in a spiral starting with 1 in the center. As the paper he scribbled on was squared, the spiral turned out to be a square spiral.

After some time he reached 30-ish and just looked at it searching where some numbers lied. The lecture he was currently visiting was probably about number theroy and the professor was talking about prime numbers. So why don't mark them up? Since Young-Ulam didn't find any similarities between the primes except the fact that they can't be divided by anything else than 1 and themselves, which is obvious, he expected a somewhat random pattern. And yep it turned out that way.

But wait a second! From the center to the top right corner a straight line built up! Like no way primes align like that. He wondered what the next number would be on that line, so he continued the spiral. 57... Oh crap, thats not a prime. Mhh, so that was probably just a coincidence. And eventually he left the spiral to continue listening the lecture.

A few months later while learning for an upcoming examination in number theory, Young-Ulam found that mysterious spiral in a corner of his notes and started to think about it again. As he increased the number of numbers in the spiral, he found more and more of those straight, diagonal lines of prime numbers. Most likely that wasn't a coincidence anymore as he earlier thought. Some areas in the spiral had way more prime-density than others. The Ulam Spiral was born.

Today, we actually use this fact — that primes tend to collect on diagonal lines in the Ulam Spiral — to find new massive prime numbers. Of course you can't just take a formular and you get the next prime from it, but you can iterate throught the output of one of these eqations and test them to actually be a prime, since it will be one a lot more likely than on other diagonal lines.

first 225 numbers

The first 225 numbers in an Ulam Spiral.

In the image above you can see how the Ulam Spiral for the first 225 natural numbers looks like. Every dot represents a number, starting with 1 at the green dot in the middle and going around anti-clockwise. The prime numbers are marked in red. You can already see a few diagonal groups right? Now lets increase the spiral size.

first 2401 numbers

The first 2401 numbers in an Ulam Spiral.

first 39601 numbers

The first 39601 numbers in an Ulam Spiral.

And finally, you can download a version with 1.14 million numbers here. Attention! It may slow down your computer when displaying the image since it has roughly 164 megapixels.


A Quick Overview of Nordic Mythology


Written by Bobby.

The first ever creature in nordic mythology was Ymir. It was born as the cold glacial ice of Niflheim came upon the blazing fire of Muspellsheim. Ymir had both genders and thus was able to breed new creatures as it fell asleep. In the Prose Edda there was another original being, the cow Audhumbla from which Ymir drunk milk to sleep easier.

The most essential element in nordic mythology is the tree Yggdrasil. It is basically holding everything together and bringing order to the cosmos. Yggdrasil grew on Asgardhr from the dead body of Ymir after he was killed by the first gods which were his own descendants.

Most of the times Yggdrasil is said to be an ash but depending on the location it is often described as a yew tree instead. This uncertainty comes from the fact that these trees aren't endemic in Scandinavia and thus easily mixed up.

Yggdrasil grew so big it's three roots reach over all nine worlds. At the end of each root there is a fountain of different meaning. Mimirs Well offers wit and wisdom. To drink from it Mimir desires a sacrifice in return. Odin, the father of gods, lost his left eye this way. The second fountain is the Urdar Fountain. Next to it three beautiful Norns dwell. They are named Urd, Skuld and Verdani. They are responsible for the life of all mankind, every creature and every god. They control the past, the present and the entire future. The third fountain is called Hwergelmir. It is the well of all existing rivers. Here the dragon Nidhöggr lives. Due to his jealousy he gnaws on the bottom of the spring.



The Mystery About Classes and IDs


Conversation between Bumbleboss and Bobby.

Previously we talked about the hours we spent on coding a part of his website...

Bumbleboss For me it took 5 hrs just to simply stlye it a bit and organize the HTML code and get familiar with xD Like the custom styling that can be simply done by just adding the ID #brown-bg and it does the whole work.

Bobby Why ID? Use a class. So you can use it more than once.

Bumbleboss Cuz it already had a class so I couldn't. Wait wot?

Bobby What the fuck? You can use more than one class?

Bumbleboss WAT?!

Bobby That's what classes are for lmfao!

Bumbleboss (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Bobby class="class_1 class_2 class_9999"

Bumbleboss reeeeeeeeee <div class="some_class" id="black-bg">

Bobby You can use IDs multiple times as well but they're inteded to IDENTIFY a div not STYLE it. Classes are basically for styling and IDs for identifying. Classes use again, IDs use once. That's CSS and HTML basics tho xD

Bumbleboss A silent mouth I shall be on that one. *Finds Bobby telling everyone in #coding*

Bobby lmfao


I just told the entire internet. If you already got a class, use an ID and if you also got that one, well... HTML has some serious issue I guess...

ble, bby

The Greek Mythology


Written by Pizzayaki and Tidanium. Tweaked by Bobby.

In Atlantean Greek mythology, Helios resembles the personification of the Sun. Although in ancient Greek mythology there is Apollo related with the Sun, he is actually known as god of sunlight. Helios is the previous generation of Greek gods and they are named as titans.

The first of all deities in Greek was the Chaos. It is actually a being made of a void. Then Chaos created the primordials. Two of most famous of them were Oranos and Gaia. Oranos' name was given to a planet as Uranus. Oranos aka the skyfather. He was reponsible for outspace and heaven. Meanwhile his sister and waifu Gaia was responsible for the Earth. Gaia was earth's itself.

There were many other primordials such as the night aka Nyx or the sleep aka Hypnos or the ocean aka Oceanus. Primordials were generally amortals but Oranos was perfectionist. They fucked and made titans and all of mythical creatures such as giants, cyclops and mermaids. But Oranos hated his children cuz they were monsters. Then he wanted to kill 'em all.

Chronos, one of his children came together with other 3 titan siblings. They took Oranos' weapon from Gaia. Then children hold legs and arms of Oranos. Chronos took the weapon to cut Oranos into pieces and spread all of the parts across universe. Cuz they were too far away they wouldn't be able to come together. But this didnt mean he is really dead, he just broke apart. One of the pieces fell to earth and it reborn as Aphrodite aka the titan of beutyu beauty.

Aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite. Then creatures and titans lived the generation. Aaaaand - Chronos fucked Gaia. And they had children. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades. However Chronos had same destiny as his daddy had. He swallowed all of his children including these three. But they escaped from him somehow. Then they killed Chronos.

Zeus became the president god. Yeah his all dammit power is ruling. Meanwhile Poseidon became lord of 7 seas. We call them as oceans. Pirates call them as 7 seas as well.

Hades became the ruler of underworld. But it is literally under the world. Under the top layer of earth there is Tartarus and from Tartarus to underworld there is a river. Tartarus is a giant living cave. Even gods can't escape from there. Also it is a child of Gaia.

Anyways, because Zeus was a fucking weakling, Hephaestus the famous god weapon blacksmith made a lightning weapon for him. Hephaestus is an abomination according to Illiad and Odyssey. His upper body is larger and lower body is small. All gods on olympos bully him. Sometimes Hephaestus invite gods to his home and serve drinks them.

Chronos was force into Tartarus by Gaia and Hades as well as other major gods such as Zeus as Gaia had just as much power as Zeus in the underworld due to it being part of the astral plane. Chronos had power of time bending. He was that powerful and his power wasn't bound to an area such as earth. I bet he can jump in time and got rid of his fate. But he is darn idiot. He has power but no brain.

Tartarus is known as a timeless prison. He can freeze others in time as well. So chronos had no power there (that theory changes in different sources). Gaia was much weaker in hell but could, in a sense, bend time due to her being a parent of Chronos.

Meanwhile Prometheus made the first human by stealing eternal fire. He called them as Prometheans. But they were abominations made of mud and clay. Prometheus was the first demi-god. He was a titan. But he got caught and punished to eternal ending-resurrection. Animals were eating his organs alive and they were healing. He is one of those figures that changes massively based on the tale as he was a demi-god and forced to be chained to a rock while being tortured. But he is a titan. Titans never slept with creatures as far as I know. There was no human in that generation. But Zeus slept with all species and several gods. He has countless, god, demi-god and creature children. It is a gigantic harem.

So what do we learn from this?

Zeus is like the god version of Rasputin.

pzk, tdn, bby

Photobooks are nice!


Written by Bobby.

After a long time not printing any of my photographs I thought about it again. Keeping everything digitally has a lot of advantages for sure but photography should be something more reachable, something you can hold in your hands at any time.

So I took myself some time to search for great ways of printing, always thinking about photo books. I didn't want those typical ones everyone orders after their recent summer holiday to put in all the pictures they can find on their smartphone. The products often come with awful designs and weird print options which seem to be dedicated to the mentioned average user. In addition to that, hardbacked booklets feel a bit narrow to me. They just don't feel like they're representing the freedom you can find in photography.

Trying out new suppliers is often the way to go if you want to discover all possibilities. The company Saal Digital (@saal_digital) recently gave me that opportunity and offered me to test one of their products.

Starting with checking out their website confused me a bit because I saw all the nicely presented products including examples and price tables but nothing where you can start uploading your photos you wish to get some prints from. The only way I could find in the first place was by downloading their software. I don't want to loose too many words about it here but it is nice and easy to understand. By using it you're able to work on your projects offline — which is important for me because I'm often working away from home. My order was delivered within the next three days which I also appreciated.

To come to the photo book itself, I have to say that I ordered pretty much the smallest version you can get — I just wanted to test it out to be able to decide if I can take Saal Digital into consideration in future or not.

My ordered photo book is printed on artpaper. The pages are held together by a spiral binding. The paper has a nice texture which feels great and kind of soft. It gives the product a professional touch. To check the reproduction of tones, I've chosen photos with a decent variety of colors. They are on point and not over or under-saturated. I also included some photographs with a black backdrop. Unfortunately they turned out a bit underwhelming. Pure black doesn't look as deep as it should. I guess its because of the paper type and a glossy choice would have represented the blacks more accurately. All pages including front and back are printable from edge to edge — even the parts covered by the spiral binding. I really like that. The book is protected by matt but transparent plastic sheets.

To come to a conclusion I can say that Saal Digital is offering high quality and cleanly processed products to present your work. Next time I would pay more attention to available paper types if I want really deep blacks on my prints. Below you can see some photos of the book.